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Terms And Conditions Of Invoices

The client acknowledges that he/she purchases the goods/services from OBARO without guarantees (whether express of implied) or any other presentation and that OBARO has no obligation towards the client with regard to the nature, scope, capacity, purpose and application, quality or other characteristic of the goods or services.

The client indemnifies and holds OBARO harmless against any action, claim, damages, expense and cost which may be suffered or incurred by OBARO directly or indirectly due to or arising from the provision of goods or services by OBARO to the client.

The utmost care is taken to provide the best quality seed but no expressed or implied guarantee is given in respect of the description, quality, germination, immunity from disease, yield potential or any other qualification of the seed and OBARO accepts no liability for the crop or any misfortune of any nature or possible contamination of the seed.

The right of ownership of all goods sold by OBARO to the client, will not vest in the client until such time that OBARO has been paid in full for such goods.