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About us

TRUbrands, division of OBARO, manufacture, sell, and distribute a range of products in the animal feed, pet, and gardening market.

Our product line includes chemical and organic fertilisers, bird seed, and scientifically formulated dog food.

You may have heard of our popular AllesInEen Sheep, Cattle, and Game Pellets, which are designed to eliminate the uncertainty of feed mixing.

Our AllesInEen range is rich in a wide range of nutrients that promote animal health and ensure optimal production. These products are formulated by leading nutritionists, and only the best raw materials are used in their production. Not only do our products simplify the task of feeding sheep, cattle, and game, but they also offer a cost-effective solution to a wide variety of nutritional challenges.

Put our TRUfeed, TRUpet, TRUgarden product ranges to the test today!

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