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Terms And Conditions Of Quotation

  1. This quotation does not establish an agreement between OBARO and the customer.

  2. This quotation is valid for a period of 7 (seven) days from the date of the quotation.

  3. All quotations, price lists and possible rebates are subject to modification and prices charged and rebates granted are the prices and rebates prevailing on the date of quotation, unless otherwise agreed in writing.

  4. Quoted prices are subject to payment within 30 (thirty) days from date of statement. Interest will be charged on overdue payments at the prevailing rate applicable to incidental credit agreements as prescribed by the National Credit Act, Act 34 of 2005.

  5. Quotations do not include delivery charges and any delivery charges will be payable by the customer.

  6. This quotation applies only to the supply of items and the performance of work as specified in the quotation. The customer will be liable for the cost of any items and/or work that is additionally provided and/or done at his request.

  7. Any additional costs that may be incurred in carrying out the quoted work in order to comply with any requirements of a State, Provincial or Municipal Authority will be for the client’s account.

  8. OBARO accepts no liability for the effectiveness, feasibility, suitability or otherwise of goods manufactured and/or work performed in accordance with the customer’s specific instructions.

  9. Ownership of goods will pass to the customer upon receipt of payment of the full purchase price, as indicated in the quotation.

  10. Any handling fees payable to a supplier for returning products for credit, repair or any other purpose are payable in advance by the customer. No product will be accepted until the handling fee of the supplier has been settled in full.

  11. OBARO endorses the guarantees provided by the manufacturers and suppliers of goods, which guarantee will expire if the customer makes any changes to the goods that deviate from the original design or specifications.