Aqua Y Type Plastic Screen Filter


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Uniform distribution of flow into filter housing optimizes the filtration process.

The Screen cartridge has a double screen (30 & 120) and Stainless Steel (SS 316) is used for rust prevention.

The Filter is designed for maximum operating pressure of 6 Bar.

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Inlet/Outlet connection: 3/4'' BSP male thread
Max. Working Pressure (PPGF Filter): 8kg/cm²
Max. Working Pressure (PA Filter): 10kg/cm²
Range of Flow Rate: 4-6 cm³/h
Nominal Flow Rate: 5 m³/h
Filtration Surface area: 120 cm²
Material of Construction: Glass Filled Polypropylene/Poyamide
Screen Material: SS-316 Grade
Cartridge Diameter (With O-Ring): 48 mm
Cartridge Length: 152 mm
Available Mesh: 80, 120, 150 mesh

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