Wet Dog Food Classic Beef | Adult | 775g (Montego)


Wet Dog Food Classic Beef | Adult | 775g (Montego)

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Montego Pet Nutrition Classic Wet food: flavoured with Succulent Beef and Healthy Veggies for Adult Dogs.

Montego Classic Wet Food, Succulent Beef and Wholesome Veggies contain the perfect amount of nutrition your dog needs for a healthy diet. Montego Classic Wet food for dogs consists of liver, lung and kidney and fats (from chicken skin) and is, therefore a great source of protein and has a high level of amino acids and essential fatty acids.

Montego Classic Wet Food can be given to your dog as a complete meal, or it can be mixed with dry food. Wet food is tastier than dry food so incorporate it into dry food to encourage dogs to have dry food as a daily meal.

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