Pro-C Controller (Hunter)


Pro-C Controller (Hunter)

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The Pro-C will easily accommodate Hunter’s Solar Sync® without additional wiring. The new Solar Sync dial position makes it easy to upgrade and program any Pro-C to smart control. The Hunter Solar Sync is a smart device which calculates evapotranspiration (ET) and adjusts Hunter controllers daily based on local weather conditions, resulting in water savings and conservation.

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Number of stations:
Pro-C: 4 -16
PCC 6 & 12
Pro-C: Modular
PCC: Fixed
Enclosures: indoor and outdoor plastic
Independent irrigation programs: 3
Independent lighting programs: 3
Start times per program: 4
Max. station run time: 6 hours
Solar Sync dial position: now available with built-in Solar Sync programming for increased installation efficiency
Solar Sync delay feature: allows adjustments to be postponed for up to 99 days
Cycle and Soak feature built in: reduces runoff
Lighting programs built in: allows the ability to add landscape lighting control
Added knockouts offer additional flexibility
Programmable rain delay: prevents watering for an extended period as needed
Non-volatile memory: keeps programs indefinitely— without battery backup
Rain sensor bypass: allows the controller to ignore sensor devices when needed
One touch manual start and advance: allows user to start or test any station


Transformer input: 120 VAC or 230 VAC (international model)
Transformer output (24 VAC): 1 A
Station output (24 VAC): 0.56 A
P/MV output (24 VAC): 0.56 A
Pump/master valve
Sensor inputs: 1


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