Bags O’ Wags Chewies Dental Sticks (Montego)


Bags O’ Wags Chewies Dental Sticks (Montego)

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Veggie Chewies. Healthy, Butternut Dental Sticks. You get Crunchies for those who prefer biscuits, Meaties for the meat-lover (Haha) and Chewies for those who would just like to chew on something tasty.

It may say veggie chews but it has min 4% chicken liver. Bags O’ Wags Dental Sticks is a healthy reward for good behaviour, or encouragement to exercise or just a snack in between meals. They are all different, but one thing is for sure – they are all Delicious!

Before buying treats for your furry friend always match the treat with your dog’s size, preferences or personality. Aggressive chewers may need a product that is firmer. Sometimes treats will go down a lot faster than others, these treats will add on the kilograms. Also the smaller the dog, the fewer treats they will need.

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Ingredients include: Cereals, vegetables (min 4% butternut), meat derivatives (min 4% chicken liver), dairy products, humectants, flavourants, minerals, preservatives, antioxidants, food colourants.
Glossary: Humectants – a substance used to reduce the loss of moisture.
Size: 500g, 120 g.
Flavour: Chicken.


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