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OBARO and Koedoeskop t/a Afrifert join hands to achieve shared goals

OBARO, a leading agricultural company with more than 90-years of experience, has acquired a 50% stake in Koedoeskop Kunsmis, which specialises mainly in liquid form fertiliser and custom mixes. In turn, Koedoeskop Kunsmis acquired the Afrifert fertiliser blending plant in Loskop, as well as the future marketing rights of Afrifert’s products. The move to amalgamate these businesses is driven by the need of farmers to have a trusted partner within the value chain that can address all their fertigation requirements, from raw material, standard fertiliser mixes to very specialized applications with additives for specific plant requirements. This allows producers to grow their crops with more efficiency, different plants require a very specific combination of certain nutrients during their development. A custom application that addresses these requirements boosts growth and cultivates a healthier plant with substantial benefits to harvesting yield.

“OBARO`s dream is to address every single need a farmer may have on his farm. This partnership with the owners of Koedoeskop Kunsmis and the acquisition of the Afrifert plant allows the OBARO Group access to the entire fertiliser value chain to the benefit of our farmers. This transaction is a step towards realising OBARO`s dream, a dream that creates opportunities for all stakeholders within the communities we do business” said Nic Bronkhorst, Managing Director of the OBARO Group. “We are excited for what the future holds,” he continues.

The amalgamation fits into OBARO`s strategic framework where our vision is to be the farmers’ business on every farm. With this joined effort OBARO and Koedoeskop Kunsmis aim to equip personnel with specialist knowledge in order to deliver exceptional service within an extended geographical area, alongside a unique product offering. This ensures that OBARO stays true to its mission: To be aligned with the farmer.

“We are excited about the prospects of delivering an even better and more specialised service to our clients. Assisting farmers in realising their dream is what Koedoeskop Kunsmis is all about. Our vision is to replicate the same at Afrifert and build on the great platform and excellence the Afrifert brand is known for. Farmers won’t have to look much further to find a partner that can tend to every single fertigation requirement they may have,” said Leon Fourie, (Managing Director of the Koedoeskop Kunsmis/Afrifert Group).

The Koedoeskop plant (Koedoeskop Kunsmis), located in Koedoeskop, Limpopo, have been in the fertilizer industry since 2004. They mainly specialise in liquid fertiliser.

The strategic acquisition of OBARO and Koedoeskop Kunsmis/Afrifert combines resources, infrastructure, and a unique product offering to ensure a leading and brighter future for South Africa and the Agricultural industry.