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OBARO and Farmers Friend Enterprise

OBARO and Farmers Friend Enterprise Cultivate Business Together

OBARO announced today that they have selected “Farmers Friend Enterprise” as the company’s official farm management platform. In its first phase, this partnership will offer OBARO employees and select OBARO farmers access to the Farmers Friend product suite.  

The cloud-based mobile and web applications offer a first-of-its-kind digital management solution for farmers enabling them to manage, securely store, track, and seamlessly share information. Farmers Friend Enterprise is an agricultural tool that minimises costs, mitigates risk, and assists farmers to have full insight into their day-to-day operations to offer them the best possible opportunity of maximised success for their harvests and yield.  

The result is an agricultural environment with reduced communication friction which aims to expedite access to finance as well as critical products and services. IQ Logistica will provide support to OBARO during the registration and recording process to facilitate the transition into a digital environment offered by Farmers Friend. 

To read more on how Farmers Friends works, and how it will improve farming efforts visit IOL.

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