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Our Learnership program strives to shape the future of management and leadership in the agricultural industry.

Join our program and gain valuable management experience by working with a dedicated mentor in one of the 27 OBARO branches. You will not only obtain practical exposure and experience in the retail- and financial environments, but also work on a rotational basis throughout all OBARO departments.

Our program starts in January every year. So be on the lookout for when you can apply.

After completing a one-year contract, you will achieve a qualification in General Management (NQF 5).



Presentation skills

Learn effective communication skills while participating in professional presentations throughout the year, which will refine your idea creation skills and also give you confidence to execute a plan.


Time management

Develop the art of time management by effectively managing your own time and working within the dynamics of a busy agricultural environment and with colleagues.

Kliënte interaksie

Customer interaction

Stay in line with the customer by showing positive interaction and helpfulness through advising and welcoming in-store. Here you learn to understand customers’ unique needs.



Get the opportunity to work with diverse people in various departments, from the branch to our head office. Develop a broad perspective by collaborating with multiple team members and departments.

Werk blootstelling

Physical work

By actively participating in the feet on the farm initiatives, you will not only learn theoretical skills, but gain real experience by getting your hands dirty yourself.

Management skills

Develop leadership through practical management tasks, where you bear responsibility for projects and initiatives.

Different divisions

Get a complete picture of the agricultural value chain through rotational work in various divisions of OBARO. Understand how each aspect comes together to form a successful agricultural business.

Customer service

Stay aligned with the farmer by building positive client relationships through interaction and engagement. Here you learn to understand farmers’ unique needs.

Financial Analysis

Gain insight into the financial aspects of agricultural management by participating in financial analysis and projects. Understand how financial decisions impact the success of an agricultural business.



Please note that if you are not considered for the Learnership in 2025, your application will automatically be stored on a database for future Learnership programs offered by OBARO and you will be contacted accordingly.

Learner Manager

Closing Date for Applications