Obaro is a leader in the development of new financing packages for crop insurance, with focus on the specific needs of clients. Obaro currently markets crop insurance for the majority of crops against hail, fire and transit robberies. Obaro also markets various choices in multi risk insurance.

Obaro underwrites the largest crop insurers and has a unique way of insuring crops. Obaro is large enough to offer clients the best premiums but still small enough to offer clients the best individual service.


At Obaro, each business’s needs are carefully analysed. Our competent advisors visit clients on site to ensure that all possible risks are addressed. We understand that your business cannot afford to stand still. Our clients include the following industries:

  • Corporate Environment;
  • Transport Premises;
  • Guest Houses;
  • Contractors; and
  • Industrial Manufacturing.

Obaro offers a wide range, personal insurance solutions. Our competitive packages and prompt claim handling offers our clients the necessary peace of mind. Your personal insurance does not have to be a problem, we make it quick and easy, at a low premium. We can help you cover the following personal items:

  • Home;
  • Vacation home;
  • Home contents;
  • Personal belongings;
  • Camping equipment;
  • Motors and 4×4;
  • Identity theft; and
  • Disability.

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