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Cultivating Success: OBARO’s Journey in 2023

In the ever-evolving landscape of agriculture, OBARO innovates and embraces transparency, standing tall as a beacon of change.

Feet on the Farm

Reflecting on the milestones of 2023, it becomes clear that OBARO’s dream, and mission is deeply rooted in farmer prosperity.

This is done by aligning with farmer needs, embracing technology, and prioritizing sustainability.

Herewith a few reflections of the year 2023:

Nurturing the Farming Future

OBARO prioritised digital transformation across the board, dedicating significant energy and resources to the initiative.

This commitment is evidenced by the installation of 115 new point-of-sale computers.

Leveraging our 3CX Gold partner status achieved through infogro, our in-house ISP, we guarantee our farmers access to advanced solutions that meet their ever-changing needs.

Retail Innovations

We secured the number one agent position for Zimmatic in South Africa and second in Africa, demonstrating our dedication to the growth of our farmers’ business.

This dedication to our farmers’ business growth is evident in our efforts to expand the OBARO-footprint, with the opening of a new tyre service centre at our Marble Hall retail store.

We also opened a brand new OBARO retail store in Jan Kempdorp to stay right at the heart of our valued client base.

Fostering Future Agricultural Leaders
Future Agricultural Leaders

It is undeniable that our youth is the future of agriculture.

Leveraging our 94 years of expertise, we equip emerging farmers through our Feedlot Initiative

To date, 25 emerging farmers formed part of this initiative that has overseen the welfare of over 6,000 cattle.

OBARO leads the way with its learnership programs, fostering leaders with the necessary business and administration skills to set them up for success.

Among these programmes we focus on certificates in wholesale, retail, and business administration. This enables the youth to embrace the opportunities and challenges of tomorrow.

With a strategic focus on young farmers a director was appointed to our Young Farmers Ward in 2023. Here, the aim is to enable and support these farmers in their farming business journey. In conjunction with the Young Farmers Ward, a very successful first OBARO Inter Unie was held in 2023.

Now more than ever, we are empowering young farmers to connect and collaborate, building a brighter future together.

Marketing Strategy: Understanding the Farmer

OBARIANS distinguish themselves with a unique marketing approach tailored to farmers. We gain a better understanding of their victories and challenges, which is showcased through having our #FeetOnTheFarm.

This approach is rooted in our brand values of approachability, trustworthiness, knowledge, innovation, and boldness. It plays a pivotal role in driving our brand promise and contributes to OBARO’s success.

Business Philosophy: Stewardship and Transparency

OBARO ignites a stewardship culture, empowering our employees to actively invest in the company’s growth and success.

This approach goes beyond simply encouraging participation. It cultivates a genuine sense of ownership and shared responsibility for the future.

Business Philosophy: Stewardship and Transparency

Committing to good corporate governance aligns us with the principles of the King IV Report on Corporate Governance for South Africa. By adhering to ethical and effective leadership principles, we establish a solid foundation for sustainable growth.

In 2023, we achieved significant growth, and these efforts have laid a strong foundation for future success.

With these accomplishments under our belt, we are positioned to seize the opportunities that 2024 presents. We have set the stage and eagerly anticipate the success the new year will bring.

Building on these initiatives in 2024, we can cultivate success and more business together with our farmers, paving the way for an even brighter future!