Climate FieldView – Optimize input through an improved digital image of your farm

The agricultural industry is one of many industries currently going through digital transformation in order to achieve new levels of effectiveness and sustainability. Digital tools and data-technology accelerates agricultural innovation and provides deeper insights to farmers who assist them in agronomic and business decision-making.

Climate FieldView™ is a global platform that helps farmers simplify their operations on the farm, improve their profitability, manage risks, and farm in a more effective and sustainable manner. This platform provides user-friendly tools for collecting and analysing data. In this way, farmers have more useful data that they can use to make data-driven decisions, thereby farming more profitably.

Bayer is excited to showcase the possibilities that Climate FieldView holds for the local agricultural industry during the launch of this platform in South Africa in March 2021. Data collection has always been an integral part of the decision-making process on farms. Until recently, farmers were still struggling with two important facets: collecting data and analysing it to make meaningful assumptions. With two mobile applications (FieldView and the FieldView Cab app) and the website, the FieldView platform delivers flawless data collection, visualisation, and analysis to help farmers and their agronomic advisors make more informed decisions.

The landscape is diverse, and farmers need a single data platform that can handle all the different sources of data. In most cases, farmers make use of different brands that each have their own platforms. However, with FieldView, data can now be fed from all the farmer’s equipment to one central platform through the Climate FieldView™ Drive device, equipment that farmers can plug into their diagnostic port of the farming equipment.

FieldView Drive uses Bluetooth technology to export agronomic data from the farming equipment to the iPad® in the cabin. The data can be immediately visualised by the FieldView Cab app. This allows farmers to immediately analyse their data as it is generated in the cabin. “With the FieldView Cap application, farmers can also enable important notices to manage sensitive activities such as planting.” says Hugo le Roux, Climate FieldView product specialist.

One of the biggest advantages of the Cab application is the fact that it allows farmers to view their equipment from a distance. With the iOS device, a farmer can connect and view the performance in the Cab from anywhere in the world, if there is sufficient signal and both devices are connected to the internet.

The ability to stream data not only saves farmers a lot of time by quickly providing access to data, but the FieldView platform also provides valuable agronomic tools such as regular satellite imagery for inspections and prescription functions to write variable density prescriptions for seed, fertiliser and crop protection products.

“Prescription functions have always been out of reach for most farmers due to the cost of software and its complexity,” explains Hugo. “Now with FieldView, we empower the farmer to take charge of his own data and decide who he wants to share it with and for how long. The farmer is now totally in control of his own data.”

According to Hugo, one of the main advantages of the Climate FieldView platform is the secure storage and the accessibility of data as well as its shareability with agronomic advisors.
“FieldView is a geographical platform and a data analysis engine. When farmers collect their data with the FieldView Drive app, the data is immediately placed in the “cloud” for secure storage and analysis. A farmer will never lose his data, it is always available to be downloaded or share with his/her agronomic advisors.”

Saving all data on one platform also allows for data analysis to provide in-depth insights into the performance of hybrids, fertilizers, and chemical applications.

“FieldView provides a holistic approach to data management and farmers can now capitalise on all the investments made on sensors and data collected by their machinery on one user-friendly platform that will help them save money and make important data-driven decisions,” says Hugo. The liaison with agronomic advisors is an important part of driving a profitable farming business. The FieldView application offers farmers the opportunity to contact their agronomic advisors regarding seed, fertiliser and chemical applications.

“Farmers can place their GPS coordinates, write notes and share them with their agronomic advisors. If the farmer shares his account, his advisor can also interact directly with the account and share advice on inspection efforts. The platform makes it easy for the farmer and his adviser to connect with each other and share data. Only in the FieldView application can a farmer compare different years of analyses and different geographical layers over different seasons,” says Hugo.

How do I start?

The FieldView platform will be launched in South Africa in late March 2021. Farmers will be able to record on the Climate FieldView website from 1 April 2021. There, you’ll be able to create an account, order hardware, like the necessary cables (if any) to connect your equipment with the Climate FieldView platform. Every farmer who signs up will be visited by a Climate FieldView product specialist to assist him/her with the connection of the equipment to his/her FieldView account.

On the website at the bottom of the page, there is a section titled “Learn how to use FieldView” with short introductory videos ranging between the most basic and the complex information. This is a great place to start

For more information on how the Climate FieldView platform can be used on your farm, visit Climate FieldView’s website.

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